It’s miserable outside.

41 degrees and raining.

I can hear the wind rattling my screens, but I’m still sitting here waiting to run. Every 10 seconds I glance outside to see if Keith and Rick have pulled up yet.

Chances are good that they won’t be here. We have a rule about intermittent wipers – if you need them to drive, we’re not going to run.

But still I wait – I’m dressed in layers. My gloves are on the desk next to me. My shoes are double-knotted.

Screw it. They’re not going to show.

I’m going running. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of calling them little girls.

UPDATE:  They never did show up.  I ran 4 miles.  I was soaked within the first 100 yards.  But it was worth it to have the satisfaction of calling the little girls when I saw them both on Tuesday morning.