Holy crap! Where has the summer gone?

The Falmouth Road Race is a short 5 days from today.

Good lord! This race used to inspire night sweats and weeks of dread.

By this point in past years I’d be monitoring everything in my diet.  I’d be planning out my rest days.  The countdown to a hydration plan would have begun.

As for this year – if it wasn’t for an email reminder about when and where to pick up my number (downtown Falmouth @ the Gus Canty Rec Center starting on Wednesday) I would have forgotten about it.

Well, forgotten is probably too strong a word. The local media would have definitely reminded me.

This is the only race that gets any local attention. It’s the Super Bowl of Cape Cod sporting events. I think it eclipses coverage of the CC Baseball League.  During the summer there are races nearly every weekend, but those garner no more than an occasional results block on the inside page of the CC Times sports section.  When Falmouth week hits, we’re bombarded with features, historical perspectives and overcoming adversity stories.  The race is covered live by a local radio station.

As for the race itself … it’s 10,000 people squeezed into a tiny side street in Woods Hole.  If you can run the first mile in under 9:00 you’re doing OK.  If you can run better than marathon pace over the 7-mile course, you’re doing great.  It’s not really fun.  Usually by the 3rd mile I’m melting in the heat and wishing I had stayed home for a more relaxing training run.

So why do I keep doing it?  Most of the cool kids I know (yeah, I’m talking about you Keith and Rick) have opted for the Saturday Brew Run instead of the Sunday Falmouth race.

I think I keep doing it because it’s the one race that everyone knows about.  Within the next few days (as soon as the media onslaught starts) I’ll be asked by everyone, “Are you running Falmouth this weekend?  How far is it anyway? “   It’s like running a marathon – you can run 10 marathons, but your (non-running) friends won’t be impressed unless you’ve run Boston.  That’s how Falmouth is treated around here.

So I’ll run it this Sunday, and I’ll apply again next year, and I’ll keep running it until the kids are older and they want to run with me.  Then we can all settle in and run it together. Then they can answer all their friends’ questions about how far Falmouth is.