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I have no idea how I made it, but somehow I slogged through 10 miles of humidity Sunday morning.

It was hot. I was tired. Breathing was shallow, but there wasn’t a time when I wanted to quit.

Through the trails of Cotuit, past the horse farms in Marstons Mills and down Cotuit Rd in Mashpee (one of the longest, most boring roads I’ve ever been on) I promised myself to keep moving.

When it was done, I had covered the 10.5 miles in about 90 minutes.

It’s probably my slowest 10 miles in the past two years, but I didn’t care about my time. Sunday’s run was about patience and perseverance.

I’m off to the doctor in 45 minutes.  I’m hoping that he’ll be able to give me a wonder drug that will clear my lungs and help me to enjoy running again.  These past two weeks have been anything but enjoyable.

Ugh … what a miserable run this morning. 

I thought the humidity was going to clear, but it was still about 70% @ 6am. 

I don’t think I broke 9:00 pace through the entire 75 minute run.  I even took two unscheduled walk breaks in an effort to get my breath back.

Speaking of breath, I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday morning to see what might be wrong with me.  Of course I feel perfectly fine right now and imagine that by Monday I’ll be back to 100%, but with less than 4 months to go before the marathon it will be nice to have a clean bill of health.

I made it official on Monday. 

I plunked down my $74.50 for the Cape Cod Marathon on October 28 in Falmouth, MA.  (yes, that includes the $4.50 processing fee … not sure why it costs more to sign up online than through the mail)

Now all I have to do is convince someone to run it with me. 

Last week I was sidelined with a three-day fever, headache and a wet, hacking cough that lasted through the weekend.

On my return to running yesterday I doubled-over with back spasms and lack of breath.  I thought Kevin might have to carry me the last two miles of our run.

I have a feeling that the back spasms are related to all the coughing that I did last week, but what the hell do I know, I’m just a software developer with access to google. 

I think it’s time I stopped self-diagnosing and actually scheduled an appointment with the doctor to find out what’s wrong with me.

I rarely mix my nerd world with running, but I have some Pownce invitations if anyone’s interested.  If you’d like one, drop me an email.

I was sick all last week – a fever for three days and a hacking cough for 7.

I only ran on Saturday and Sunday and both days were tremendous efforts.

I’m waiting for Kevin (he should be here in about 20 minutes) and practicing my breathing.  My lungs feel about 75% percent this morning, I can almost get a complete breath without convulsing in a fit of coughs.

The humidity and thick air isn’t helping, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to make it through our planned one hour run without serious incident or hospitalization.