I don’t have the best camera, and I don’t claim to be a decent photographer, but I was able to take a few pictures during Saturday’s Race.

Osterville Run for the Library on Picasa

As far as the race is concerned .. Joe Navas kicked ass.  Watching him cruise up Main St with no one even close was a sight to behold.  He finished in 21:30 (5:13 pace) and looked like he could run the course again in the same pace.

Nearly as impressive was the performance of young Kevin Napolitan (Rick’s son).  As I heard it, Kevin rolled out of bed around 7:15, shuffled into his Dad’s car, lined up @ the starting line and ran the race in 28:11 (6:50 pace).  Imagine what he’d be able to do if he got a good night’s sleep and was actually training this summer.