It’s been three weeks since my last track session – a mediocre round of 800s.

Since that time, I’ve battled a three-day fever, muscle spasms in my back, dead legs, a hacking cough and trips to the doctor. 

I don’t feel like I’m 100% yet, but as I look @ the calendar and see that we’re already past the halfway point in July (less than 15 weeks until the marathon) I don’t think I can delay any longer.  

I have no doubt some of my non-running friends (and even some fellow runners) will think that I’m crazy and I’m risking additional injury.  There’s some small, reasonable part of me that thinks they’re right.

However, I feel like I’m falling further behind in my training.  This time last year I was averaging 45 miles/week along with regular speed work. 

I don’t plan to push it too hard – less than 10 800s @ 3:30-3:40 – but I need to do this for my own piece of mind.