I’ve made up my mind – I’m going to run the Cape Cod Marathon again.

After our denial by the NYC Marathon, Keith and I considered multiple options:  Hartford (CT), Newport (RI), Philadelphia, Toronto, Essex Junction (VT).

Each one of them would be fun (that doesn’t seem like a fitting word when considering a 26.2 mile race, but it’s all that I have right now).  Some would require a flight, but they’re all close enough that we could make the trip in one overnight.

As we were weighing our different options, I kept coming back to the Cape.

I ran it in 4:11 last year.  I suffered through the worst, and only, quad cramps of my running career from mile 17 to 25.  The wind was savage. The crowds were sparse.  The hills kicked my ass. When I finished, I promised myself – never again.

So why would I consider a return trip?? 

Crap, I don’t know, but training starts on Monday.