Racing sucks

I’m not good at it.

I don’t enjoy it.

I’d much rather run with a small group of friends than deal with the anxiety of racing.

However, thanks to Rick, I now possess the best possible excuse for a bad racing performance …

“I was pacing someone”

Here’s the situation  – you’re at the starting line for a local 5-mile race.

You’re just not feeling it today.  Your legs are tired.  Your socks are too tight.  You’re regretting the bean burrito you had for dinner.

Whatever the cause .. you know you’re not going to have a good race and your concerned about what your friends will think when they read the results on Cool Running tomorrow.

So what do you do?  Well, if you’re Rick, you quickly offer to pace your wife, Tina, and her friend, Mary, whose goal it is to finish in 45:00.

But what if you’re not running with your wife who will vouch for your awful lies?

In that case, you scan the other runners in the corral, trying to seek out someone who will probably be slower than you – maybe someone you know to be running their first race.  As the race begins you work your way over closer to him/her.  You make some small talk, offer some tidbits of advice and words of encouragement, offer to stick close to them for a couple of miles.  Voila .. you can now tell all your running friends that your slower than expected time was due to “pacing someone.”

Rick – thank you so much for this tip.  I’m now looking forward to my next race.  I call dibs on “pacing” our 4:39 marathon friend.