After all of my about getting to the track, pushing through speed work and “no more excuses”, I ended up staying home on Wednesday.

I didn’t last one day listening to my own advice, but I have an excuse.

It might not be the best excuse, but any husband will understand it … Michelle wouldn’t let me go run with my friends.

Well, technically, the choice was mine whether or not to run.  Michelle didn’t specifically say that I couldn’t go, but she was clear about which option she’d prefer.

You see, Wednesday wasn’t only track day, it was also Michelle’s 37th birthday.

When we went to bed Tuesday night she let it be known that all she wanted for her birthday was to wake up next to me. 

Aaahhhh .. now isn’t that sweet?

Not really.

We have very few rules in the Fravel house, but after 12 years of marriage I’ve learned the most important one – don’t talk to Michelle until after a cup of coffee or 9am … whichever comes first.

This is a very hard rule for me to follow.

I wake up around 4am each day. 

By 5am I’m wired on caffeine and bouncing off the walls. 

By 6am I either out for a run or pacing the house looking for someone to talk to.  I’m not picky – @ this point, I’m content to chat with the dogs and share stories with the cat.

By the time Michelle wakes up around 7am, I’m doing the happy dance because there’s someone around who will talk back to me.  Yay!

Most mornings I’ll deliver a rapid-fire recap of my morning so far  “I had two cups of coffee and I read the paper and I did some work and I ran 7 miles and I watched a little news and I fed the cat and let the dogs out and I packed my lunch and I thought about stuff for dinner and made you a list of what to get at the grocery store …”

At this point Michelle will look at me through puffy, tired eyes and say something sweet like “Shut the fuck up.”

So, you can imagine my confusion when she told me that all she wanted was to wake up next to me on her birthday.

“Um … are you sure?”  Is all that I could think to say.

So I did what any husband would do.  I caved.

I woke up 4am, sent an email to my running partners letting them know how whipped I am and they should run without me, got back into bed and stared at the ceiling until 6:45 when I mercifully fell back asleep.

At 6:50am Michelle opened her eyes, saw me still lying there, yawned in my face and told me to go make coffee and wake her when it was done.  I think what she really said was “It’s my birthday, bitch.  Get your ass up and start waiting on me”  … or something like that.

So, was it worth it?  I sacrificed a morning run to lie awake for two hours, fall asleep for 5 minutes, wake up to morning breath and face the taunts of my running partners … yeah – it was worth it. 

Happy Birthday, Michelle. 

Thanks for putting up with my 10 pairs of running shoes, sweaty running clothes in the hamper, sore muscle complaints, countless requests to check out my leg muscles (they’re rock hard, aren’t they sweetness?) and occasional irritability when I don’t get in a good run. 

You’re the best wife a runner could have.

Aaahhh … now isn’t that sweet?