Just a quick post before I head over to the Terrill household for our usual Tuesday morning 5-7 miler …

Kevin’s afraid of speed work.

Each Wednesday he has some new excuse why he can’t meet us at the track:

  1. on call and didn’t get any sleep the night before
  2. has to make breakfast for Colleen
  3. has an early mani/pedi appointment
  4. he’s too cheap to put 10 extra miles on his car
  5. Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day and he has to run through downtown Hyannis like Anthony
  6. he’s too damn slow and is afraid that he’ll embarrass himself
  7. he heard there might be a patch of ice on the track and he doesn’t want to crack another rib

This post is being written to proclaim that I won’t accept any more excuses from Kevin.   This Sunday,  while I was waking up in some dumpy New Hampshire hotel with a pounding in my skull and cotton in my moth, Kevin ripped off a 22:00 5K (7:06 pace) on his way to a top 25 finish.

I gave him the benefit of the doubt up till now.

I always assumed he was too slow.  I didn’t want to push too hard about the speed work. Those days are over.

Wednesday morning – BHS Track.  10 400s @ :90.

We’re officially in training.