While browsing through the race photos on Jim Rhoades website, I came across this shot of Rick and me.  I think it was taken within the first couple of miles.  I definitely remember looking at the camera.

I sent the link to the picture over to my Dad (one of my running inspirations).  I was expecting to hear words of encouragement and/or sympathy:

  • looks cold out there
  • nice form
  • cool face mask
  • you’re a better man than me.  I’d never subject myself to those types of conditions.  I’d rather stay home w/ my feet up, napping on the couch.

No, instead I get a smart-ass remark –> “Wow – looks like you’re a good four feet ahead of that lady in pink.”

Technically, it was five feet, but I think she may have beaten me at the end of the race.

The Ninja and his faithful sidekick (and the lady in pink)

photo courtesy of Jim Rhoades