My post Monday night only told part of the story.

I said that I was looking forward to the 10-mile run, but I didn’t explain why.

Like most runners, I’m motivated by different things on different days.

Some days, it’s the planned route that motivates me to run.

Other days, it’s the people with whom I’m running that motivate me, or the excitement of closing in on a goal weight.

My best days are motivated by the weather outside – those early Spring or late Fall mornings where it’s too perfect to stay inside.

On Sunday, I wasn’t motivated to run for any of those reasons.

I was motivated because I smelled … I smelled real bad. I made the mistake (the tasty mistake) of having french onion soup for dinner on Saturday, and by Sunday morning there was a cloud of stink hovering around me.

This wasn’t the same type of stink that was coming from RegiVizz’s port-a-potty. It wasn’t a “someone open a window and light a match” stink. This was a literal cloud. It movedI smelled bad with me. I could see it as I pored my morning coffee. I could feel it seeping from my eye sockets.

I’ve been here before. Garlic does the same thing to me. Italian restaurants scare the crap out of me. No matter what I order I know I’ll ooze stench for at least 24 hours.

The only cure I’ve found is sweat. I’ve ruined shirts and stunk up gym cardio rooms sweating out the thick, oily, funky residue of a good meal.

I’m currently banned from using my parents’ treadmill when I visit. They had to leave the window open in their home gym for days after my 60-minute treadmill run (stink courtesy of Vinny Testa’s linguini w/ clam sauce).

So this was my motivation when I took off in the snow and freezing rain at 5:30am …. just get rid of the stink.

I know, it’s not the best motivation. This story won’t inspire a non-runner to get out there and run 5 miles.  Chances are good it wouldn’t make a good Disney plot. It probably wouldn’t even make a decent after school special, but it was my motivation Sunday morning and it pushed me along through 10 tough miles.