It was 5:15am.

The ground was covered with an inch of sloppy slush.

I was sharing emails with Rick, listening to the rhythmic tap of freezing rain against the skylight above my office door.

Me: Do you and Keith have a snow & freezing rain rule? no shame in not running this morning …. : ) if you get this note before 5:35am, LMK if you still plan to meet me @ S&S this morning

Rick: just looked outside, I think we should pass

Me: OK – how is your week looking? want to get together Wednesday AM for that 6-mile loop that we did last time?

I have to admit, I wasn’t sharing emails with Rick because I was worried about his safety on the drive over here.

I wasn’t concerned about running in the snow. Traction on the slippery ground wouldn’t be an issue – I already had on my trail shoes.

If I’m being honest, I was just plain lazy.

Not about the actual running – I was looking forward to the 10-mile run through Cotuit.

No, the real reason I was checking in with Rick –> I didn’t feel like brushing off my snow-covered car. If Rick was having second thoughts about running, I’d rather know before I went outside to start up my car, scrape off the windshield and drive 5 miles to drop off water.

I have no qualms about running 10 miles, but the thought of scraping off my windshield and spending 10 minutes in the car was exhausting.

What does that say about me?