The idea has been in the back of my head for about 6 weeks – get past Derry and decide if I was ready for a Spring marathon.

As the weeks passed and my runs became longer and more focused, I started to develop a sense of entitlement – not only was I going to run a Spring marathon, but it would be easier and better than my last (only) one.

Then I went to Derry, and I was humbled.

The confidence that I was feeling after a 17-mile Christmas Eve run evaporated.

The sense of entitlement in a Spring marathon – born from that confidence – seemed completely misplaced.

How could I ever imagine that I was ready for the challenge of another marathon?

I’ve spent the past week struggling with that question.

I know that running is @ least 50% mental. I see it every Wednesday and Sunday with Rick.

Wednesday mornings I push myself around the track as fast as I can while Rick slowly jogs in the outside lane. I push myself because I know that I can. It just feels right. I know that the workout is short and the pain will subside.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning Rick’s a blur a half-mile ahead of me. I know that I’m going to struggle – those damn Service Rd hills will be my undoing again.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I fall for it every time.

Next Steps
I’ve got my running shorts on. It’s 5 degrees (F) outside and I’m grateful for the treadmill in the basement. If all goes well, I’ll get in 5 miles this morning.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting Rick for a 10-miler around Cotuit – no Service Rd hills this week.

Sunday afternoon, I’ll take another look at the marathon schedule and see what I think.