Physically, I’m in pain. I forgot my Body Glide and paid the price – my left leg was an angry shade of red last night.

Mentally …

I was in a foul mood yesterday and it was all my fault. I was disappointed with myself – disappointed that I didn’t have a good run, and disappointed @ my perception that it was a bad run.

I’ve never felt that way after a run. Sure, there have been times during a run where I’d wonder what the hell I was doing out there. There have been plenty of days that I’d prefer to step off the course and walk the rest of the way. But after a run … that’s when I’m feeling my best.

Yesterday was different. My frustration(? anger? feelings of inadequacy?) started 60 minutes into the run, lasted the final 25 minutes and then for hours afterward. I couldn’t concentrate on any of the other things that I wanted to do yesterday. I kept coming back to the run and why I felt the way I did.

Even now, nearly 24 hours later, I still can’t figure out what was wrong with me yesterday.

I’ll deal with it and move on.
Just run
I don’t want to be the Sunday morning head case.

I can just picture our next long run. Each mile, someone will be responsible for asking, “Dave, are you OK? Should we slow down, buddy? How are your legs? Do you want to stop and rest? Would you like me to carry you for the next mile so you can relax?”

Crap, I really, really don’t want to be the Sunday Morning Head Case.

Here is my hope – Sunday morning, someone/anyone/everyone needs to look at me before our run and say “Are you going to be an f*in baby today, or are you going to run? Stop thinking, and just run.”