We hit the entrance to New Seabury at around the 40:00 mark.

Kevin gave us the much appreciated information that there would be water in one more mile.

Aaahhh .. water in less than 9 minutes – the chance to stretch; a few minutes to work out the kink in the side of my calf; an excuse to try and catch my breath.  The thoughts of water put a little jump in my stride.

I think we all felt the same way, because we moved from a very comfortable 8:40 pace to about 8:10.

Up one hill and around a bend, Kevin told us one more hill.

Up one more hill and around another bend, Kevin told us one more bend.

Around one more bend and up yet another hill, Kevin told us …. oh, who the f*** cares what Kevin said. I wasn’t believing a word he was saying.

Finally, 20 minutes after the infamous “one more mile” comment, we reached the water stop.

Fortunately for Kevin, the view was worth the wait.  We were right on the water in the Maushop Village section of New Seabury – 180 degrees of beautiful private beach and multi-million dollar, 500 square foot homes.   When this software gig finally pays off and I have an extra 10 million in the bank, I plan to go back to that neighborhood and buy one of those houses whose windows I was peaking in.

Side note to that guy still in his jammies looking out his kitchen window- sorry if we woke you up.   We won’t tell your Mommy and Daddy you were hanging out @ their beach house