Let’s compare our Saturday nights and Sunday performances:

A nice quiet dinner with Michelle.

A couple extra glasses of water before going to bed.

In bed at 9:30 pm.

Asleep at 10:15pm

7 hours of continuous sleep

Up @ 5am to stretch and ease into the morning.

Picked up @ 5:45am to start morning run.

Dinner out with the Barnstable Rowing Club from 6-11pm.

Reasonably heavy alcohol consumption during dinner.

After party w/ more drinks @ Harry’s in Hyannis (including a shot of Peach Tree Schnapps … that’s just insanity!)

Home @ 1am.

In bed @ 1:30am.

Woke up @ 2:30am with a screaming calf cramp.

Got up, walked around, spent the rest of the night sleeping on the couch.

Overslept until 5:25am.

Picked up by Keith @ 5:30am.  Still tasting the Peach Tree Schnapps.

The Sunday run
When comparing those two nights you’d think that Rick would be a puddle on the side of the road about 45 minutes into our run.

You’d think that he’d be calling a cab after an hour.

Hell, any sane person would have looked @ the clock @ 5:25am and left a note on the door telling Keith that  he wasn’t running.

Not Rick.

By the 9 mile mark I was wheezing.  I couldn’t speak in complete sentences. My legs hurt and I was seeing spots.Meanwhile, Rick was a blur in the distance on Great Neck Rd in Mashpee.  He was a good quarter-half mile ahead.  I was pushing 8:20 pace and didn’t have a prayer of catching him.  He was definitely NOT running like any hungover 46-year-old should.

My Afternoon Plan
I’m heading to the package store.   There’s a bottle of Peach Tree Schnapps that needs to come home with me.