Kevin gets to select this week’s long run – the only ground rules:

  • it has to be @ least 90 minutes
  • it’s your route so you are responsible for dropping off water (somewhere in the 45-60 minute range)

Optional ground rules:

  • scenery is nice – we live on the Cape, we should be able to look @ some water when we run
  • hills are our friends – a course w/ some decent hills would be welcomed

Elements that I like in a long run:

  • mix up the terrain – trails this time of year are great
  • if we have to stick to the road, lets see some different areas – smaller subdivisions, nice neighborhoods, golf courses

Below is the route that Kevin has mapped out for us … I’m not very familiar w/ the area, but based on what I know about it, I’d say he did a very good job.
New Seabury Run