She pulled a Colleen on me.

Colleen is famous for hanging back, pretending to struggle, giving you the sense that you’ve got her beat. Then @ the last possible minute, she’ll blow by you like you’re standing still – a smirk on her face and a glance over her shoulder as you stare, dumbfounded.

That’s exactly what Caitlin did during Thursday’s 5K. She left me in the dust with .1 left. She crossed the finish line about 2 seconds ahead of me and then spent the rest of the day making sure that everyone heard about it.

“I beat Dad!” is how she started the phone call with my parents.

“I won!!!” is what she told Michelle on the car ride home.

“Can you believe it? Dad ran a marathon, and I beat him!” is all she said to Auntie Amy.

I listened to each of these comments and I couldn’t have been more proud. My little girl beat me in her very first 5K.

The runners on a very rainy Thanksgiving morning

Caitlin and me (yup, that’s the salmon shirt) after the 5K (photo courtesy of Tina Napolitan)