5:30am … Barnstable High School track.

It’s wet, misting and warm … too warm for Massachusetts in November.

I’m waiting in my truck, blowing my nose, hoping this cold goes away soon.

Keith and Rick show up. They’re chatting in Rick’s car while I blow my nose one last time and put some Body Glide on my legs.

My back is to them. It’s dark, and I’m not really paying attention.

I turn around. Rick’s walking toward me. He’s wearing the salmon shirt again!

I look over his shoulder. There’s Keith. He’s wearing a salmon shirt, too.

Rick holds out his hand. In it, he holds a salmon shirt. It’s for me.

Holy shit! He bought us matching shirts.

Taped to the back of each shirt is a piece of paper with Running Salmon printed on it.

It’s official. Not only are we members of the Hyannis Road Runners, we are now the Running Salmon.

I didn’t wear the shirt during this morning’s run, but I did wear it when I took Caitlin to the bus stop (along with my running shorts, sweaty socks and Birkenstocks … she was mortified) and I am wearing it now. As a matter of fact, I consider it as prized a possession as my Cape Cod Marathon finishers medal. I can’t wait to wear it during my next race (no doubt there will be pictures).