I’m not a big fan of pain.

A papercut is enough to make me whine for a couple of hours.  I’ve considered calling in sick to work after stubbing a toe.  If you ask Michelle, I’m a bigger wuss than the kids when it comes to being sick.

However, I have had my share of physically painful experiences:

  1. a hernia
  2. a kidney stone
  3. a vasectomy (no matter how small the incision is, recovery from that isn’t a walk in the park)
  4. slamming my finger in the car door

So maybe none of these are all that impressive, but when you’re a wuss like me, they’re experiences that you never forget.  But none of them compared to what I felt last night lying in bed.

I listened to Michelle’s advice and rubbed Icy Hot on my thighs.   Within a few minutes, I could feel the heat kicking in and working on my tight quad muscles.  Satisfied that it was doing its job, I jumped into bed, rolled over to tell Michelle that it was working and immediately felt the heat increase ….but not on my legs.

Apparently, as I rolled over, other parts of me rolled and came to rest on my upper leg.  Some of the Icy Hot rubbed off and started to work its magic in a place where I wasn’t sore.

I laid there for 30 minutes, staring @ the ceiling,  trying to get to my happy place while the Icy Hot burned through a very sensitive area of the male anatomy.

A quick google search this morning, indicates this could actually be used as a form of torture.   I believe it.