I was fine for the entire morning.  Now, my stomach is churning.

After starting the day @ 4:30, I worked on some development projects until 7am when everyone else woke up.

I had a bagel for breakfast and started hydrating around 9am.  The kids and I cleaned the house, we vaccuumed, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry.  It was like any other Saturday morning.  I was relaxed, feeling good …. if I thought about the race @ all, it was only in terms of a long run … like any other Sunday.

Then we made the drive to Falmouth to pick up the package.  That’s when it hit me.  Holy shit – I’m running 26.2 miles tomorrow.  I’m running my first marathon.  This is it – what I’ve been training for for months and it’s less than 24 hours away.  Doubts started to creep into my head. 

I know this anxiety is temporary. I just need some quiet time to relax


OK … Mom and Dad just pulled up from CT.  Hopefully they can keep my mind occuppied.