Michelle and I were finishing up dinner tonight when she told me a story about a friend of a friend.  The friend happens to be a local runner who took a new job.  Between the job, the commute and family time, he’s only able to run late @ night after his kids are in bed.   Since it’s dark by 7pm this time of year, the friend picked up a headlamp that he can wear while running. 

My initial thought: “Cool – I’ll have to ask him where he got it and how much he paid.  I’d like to pick one up, too.”  Michelle’s comment after finishing the story (and before I was able to voice my thoughts):  “Have you ever heard of anything so dorky?”

Dorky???? Are you kidding me?  I can only think of a few things that would be cooler for a runner to have in his/her closet of gear. 

This is something that Michelle, and most non-runners will never understand.  Runners don’t care what we look like or how we’re perceived when we’re out on the road.  Headlamps, reflective gear, socks masquerading as mittens, short-shorts, blinky lights, mismatched clothes, heart rate monitors, multiple layers, ski hats with pom-poms on the top … if I haven’t worn each of these, I run with people who do.  Shoot, I’ve even run in spandex pants.

The point is, the friend has the right idea.  I’ve run in the dark – it sucks.  I’ve tripped over potholes, gotten swatted by tree branches, bumped into telephone polls and dodged (barely) roadkill.  If a little beacon of light from the middle of my forehead could prevent any of these from happening, I’ll gladly pay $40 for it.

You know, on second thought, no guy should ever run in spandex – that was definitely a mistake on my part.  Everything else is OK.