Finally, I have my eating under control.

A couple months ago, Michelle made a joke that because of my mexican lunches and nightly mounds of ice cream I was going to gain 10lbs during my marathon training. I laughed @ the time – “Impossible! I”m running almost 50 miles every week.” I thought that gave me the ability (practically the right) to eat whatever wasn’t tied down.

God help me – she was right. I didn’t quite gain 10lbs, but I put on a good 7-8. All my clothes got tight. I felt sluggish on a bunch of my runs. I’d wake up hungry and assumed that meant I needed more food before my morning run. So, instead of 1/2 a plain bagel before a 10 mile run, I’d have a full bagel w/ cream cheese before a 7-mile run.

Mentally, I fell into the trap of “I’m running 10 miles tomorrow. I should probably load up on some extra calories.” After running that 10 miles, my thoughts turned to “I just ran 10 miles – who wants to go to Four Seas for ice cream today?”

Thankfully, the most recent issue of Runner’s World had an article on the best foods for runners. I read, and re-read that article and have since worked its recommendations into my daily diet.

However, the most important step to get my eating under control –> I stopped eating after 7:30pm. Late-night snacking is my biggest weakness. After the kids go to bed, I’m in the refrigerator either pulling out the leftovers from dinner or helping myself to ice cream.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve lost about 5lbs w/out officially dieting. My plan is to maintain my weight between now and October 29 (marathon day) and then lose the extra 10lbs that I’ve been carrying for most of this year. (Losing 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas … that shouldn’t be a problem … right??)