Mentally, today was tremendous.  Keith and I ran for nearly 2 and a half hours and with a little more water, I felt like another 3-4 miles would have been possible w/out too much effort.This morning definitely gave me the confidence that I’ve been lacking during this training.  Apparently the hours spent on the Service Rd, the track and in Hyannisport is starting to pay off.

I was about 20 minutes early this morning so I spent that time warming up around the parking lot.  By the time Keith arrived my legs were loose and my breathing was relaxed.

Our plan for the day was a the 5-mile JK loop, followed by miles on the track, ending w/ another 5-mile JK loop.

We ran the first loop nice and easy – finishing in about 44:00.  At the track we did 2 miles @ 8:25 pace, stopped for water, and then did another 3 miles in 8:20 pace.  The running felt effortless, but I was in desperate need of a change of scenery.

After a little more water, we were back on the road running the JK loop in the opposite direction.  As usual, Keith was @ least 10-20 seconds ahead of me, and as usual I reminded myself to run the pace that was comfortable.  We finished in about 44:00 – nearly the same time as our first 5 miles.

Some things that I noticed while on the run:

  • after 15 miles, my left hip started yelling @ me
  • right around the same time, my left knee and shin decided that it wanted to talk to me, too
  • my right shoulder got tight
  • watered-down gatorade makes me happy

The knee and hip issues were easily resolved by sliding over to the other side of the street and spending some time running on the grass.   The shoulder tightness is a little bit different.  I need to start doing some more upper body work to strengthen that shoulder.  Looks like I’ll have to dig out the dumbells tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow – it’s a day off from running!!!