At least that’s how it seemed as I was slogging through a 2-hour Saturday morning run.

I must have seen 300 runners out and about around the Mall and on a bike path leading to Reagan National Airport.  I think the majority of them were with a group called .  Some of them were following a Galloway-type method.  I overheard a lot of countdowns (5 – 4 – 3 – 2 -1) and walk breaks.  The bunch that I saw wearing red were by far the happiest.  They seemed to be the ones taking the walk breaks and they were all happy – too happy to be runners, if you ask me. 

Is that what the Galloway Method does for you?  It makes you smile and happy to be out there?  What’s the point of that when you’re running?  I’ve gotten very used to grimacing, frowning and appearing generally pained while running.  I’d hate to have to change my image.  Michelle and the kids expect me to look pissed off when I run.