This morning marked my third trip to the Service Rd for a training run.

Keith and I met @ 4:45am for a 90-minute run. That’s right – 4:45am. It was dark. I was tired. If Keith wasn’t such a badass I would have been a little scared. Seriously, I should start carrying pepper spray when I run. I’m like a little girl out there by myself – looking over my shoulder, looking in the woods, making sure no bad people are coming after me. God, when did I become such a pansy?

From Keith’s house, we ran 45:38 out to Story Lane – right after Exit 4. After a short water break, we ripped through the return trip in 41:30. Each mile on the way back was quicker than the previous. My last three miles were covered in 8:25, 8:10, and 8:00.

Keith was @ least 10 seconds faster than me. When I was running 8:10, he was running 7:50. He’s gotten so fast over the past six months. I don’t know if Keith is 55 yet, but the Boston qualifying time for 55-59 is 3:45 – if he stays healthy, he’d be able to beat that. Even if he’s under 55, the qualifying time of 3:35 is definitely something he could handle.

Some other highpoints from the run:

  1. Rick joined us on his bike for the last couple of miles. He’s in physical therapy and will be able to start running again on 8/31. Rick – if you’re reading this – run New York next year. Take some more time off.
  2. the hills are getting a lot easier. I’m thinking about making the Service Rd a weekly, or @ least once every two weeks run

This mornings running route