Chafing is something that rarely comes up in conversation among friends. However, as a runner, it’s something that I think about everytime I run for longer than an hour.

60 minutes seems to be the minimum time for chafing to begin on my legs. If I know that I’m running longer than 60 minutes, I’m lubing up with vaseline and praying it lasts the run.

The heat and humidity of the past few weeks hasn’t helped. Within a few miles, my running shorts have resembled a swimsuit and my shoes squish w/ pools of sweat. These are the days where I know I’ll be walking bull-legged for the rest of afternoon trying to avoid any unnecessary friction for my thighs.

I thought that chafing was just something that I’d have to deal with – an unfortunate, unavoidable side-effect of training in the summer. The best that I could hope for would be to minimize it.

Then Michelle told me about Body Glide. She used it last summer while training for the MS 50-mile Walkathon.  She had actually given me the rest of her container, but somehow it got lost.  I was able to find some at the Hyannis EMS on Saturday and busted it out before our 2-hour Sunday run.  I’m not sure of the proper application technique, but since it’s shaped like deodorant I just rubbed it on my legs – specifically the back of my left thigh which has been the hardest hit area recently.

When applying vaseline I was always left w/ gobs on my fingers and a greasy feeling on my legs – it would stick to the inside of my shorts and bother me for the first 10 minutes of my run .. really, it’s a nuisance. With Body Glide, I couldn’t even tell it was on – I was concerned that I didn’t apply enough.

While running, I couldn’t tell if it was working or not.  Generally, I start to notice any chafing towards the end of a run.  I really notice it after when I’m in the shower and the hot water and soap hit my legs.

With some apprehension, I stepped into our outdoor shower (one of our best home improvements).  My legs looked OK, but I’ve been fooled before with chafing.  The water hit.  I was poised and ready to flinch, but there was none of the usual stinging pain.  OK, I thought, it’ll come w/ the soap.  I lathered up, washed my shoulders, chest and arms – the soap rinsed down over my legs.  I tensed again – ready for the sting.  Still nothing.  OK, it’ll come when I actually wash my legs.  I gingerly washed my legs and not once did I feel the usual chafing sting.

Even looking @ my legs was different – gone was the  familiar angry redness.  Instead, my legs were a light pink color, w/ one or two small scratches – not bad for 14 miles.

Body Glide has definitely earned a spot as a running requirement.

Body Glide

… Damn!  this really sounds like an infomercial.  I don’t mean for it to sound that way, but I am so happy to be able to walk w/out chafed legs I thought I should share.