I know there will be days like this.  I’ve had them before, and no doubt, over the next 14 weeks, I’ll have them again.  I just hope and pray that October 29 isn’t like this morning.

30 seconds into my morning run I knew that it was a waste of time.   My legs were tired.  My breath was shallow.  My head kept on telling me to turn around and go home.

I thought that I’d plod on for another 15 minutes and see how I felt then.  Generally, 15-20 minutes is my warmup time.  I don’t even need to look @ my watch to know how long I’ve been running.  Something magically happens after 15 minutes.  My pace quickens. My breath slows down. My arms are in sync.  My legs feel weightless. Those are the moments that get me out of bed and onto the road.

Today was not one of the days.  The air is still heavy on the Cape.   I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and I’m struggling with revamping my training plan (more on that in a later post).  After 20 minutes I stopped to walk.  I walked 5 minutes in the same direction that I had been running (away from the house).  By the time I got to Old Post Rd (about 2.5 miles from home) I knew that I didn’t have it today.  I turned around and walked another mile before slowlyy jogging the rest of the way home.

Tomorrow is another day.