The first two weeks of my training called for Tuesday mile repeats.

I went to bed last night at 10:30 anticipating a drive to the track this morning for “the usual.”  I warned Michelle that I wouldn’t be home when she woke up, but should be back around 7:30.

While sitting down with my first cup of coffee, I glanced @ my printed training plan – today’s workout is actually:

  • 15 minute warmup
  • 4 strides
  • 8-10 miles
  • 15 minute cooldown

I don’t know which is better – 4 1-mile repeats, or a 10-mile jog.

Fortunately, I unknowingly prepared for a long run by eating my own weight in food last night @ Ardeo in Hyannis.  I can actually see the garlic fumes in the air around my head.

If anyone in the Willowbend area of Cotuit/Mashpee happens to be reading this – I’m sorry for the stench I plan to leave through your neighborhood.