So, is it good news when your running coach looks @ the race results and asks your friends, “What the heck happened to David on Saturday?” (he’s one of the few people who can get away w/ calling me David.)

This morning, Keith and Rick reported that Coach Paul was surprised by my time in Saturday’s race. His comments were something along the line of “the guy has been running 7s next to me for the past 6 weeks .. what happened to him?”

Now that I’ve had a full week to think about it, I can point to four reasons for my performance:

  • I had done speed work on Tuesday AND Wednesday that week. My legs were just tired – no turnover
  • I didn’t have any time to run a warmup
  • I hadn’t run a race in 8 months
  • I wasn’t mentally prepared

Now, I feel like I have extra incentive to do better in my next races (I have @ least three more before the marathon.). Between Coach Paul watching out for me, and my own internal motivation, I will definitely work harder and do better in the coming weeks.