I believe this qualifies as the fastest two weeks ever.  I can’t believe that two weeks of training is already in the bank.  14 weeks to go.
Keith,  Rick and I ran 11 this morning through the ever-present humid air.  Poor Rick – he’s still having leg problems and pulled up after 5.5 miles.  He walk/jogged back to the cars while Keith and I continued our run through Cotuit.

Physically, I felt great the entire run.  We covered the first 5.5 in under 8:00 pace (a possible reason for Rick’s leg troubles).  For the entire run, we were a little over 8:00/miles.

I think I made some wise decisions this week.  I skipped the Wednesday night track workout.  Instead, I did my own speed work on Tuesday morning (mile repeats @ 7:30).  On Thursday, a day I would usually take off, I ran 11 miles @ different paces trying to get a better feel for what the paces felt like.  My warmup was 9:00 pace.   I did 2 miles @ 8:30; 3 miles @ 8:00 and 2 more miles @ 8:40.  The cooldown was back to 9:00.  Overall, the 8:30 felt most natural for a long distance.  the 8:00 felt too fast, and the 9:00 too slow.  I plan to continue playing with different paces over the next few weeks.