It’s 7pm on a Saturday.  I’m not doing anything strenuous, but yet I feel the beads of sweat on the back of my neck.  Michelle’s sitting on the couch.   Her hair has to be 4 inches high in all directions.  She didn’t appreciate it when I called her Sideshow Bob.  I’ve made a mental note to buy her a big hat for her next birthday for days like this.

We’ve been living through tropical weather conditions for the past week, and I’ve had enough.

This summer has been one of the rainiest for the Cape.   The humidity the past week has averaged about 80%.  Running in this weather feels like I’m breathing through a wool blanket.

I’ve lost pounds of water on my runs this week.   On Thursday’s workout, I sweat out over 3 pounds.  I lost another two this morning.

I keep telling myself that this training will carry me through the marathon in October, but for now, I struggle with the weather and remind myself that better days are ahead.