This is one of those mornings where I understand why people question my sanity as a runner.

It's 4:30am. I've been awake for 30 minutes. Thanks to cup of coffee #2, the mental cobwebs are starting to clear.

I have an hour before I meet the guys @ the track for 12 miles of fun, and I'm trying to think of ways to speed up the waking process so that I'm not a zombie at 5:30.


We have visitors for the weekend – friends from New Hampshire. They offered to kick my ass if I woke them to come running with me.  They weren't even a little bit tempted by the prospect of a relaxing 6-mile run along the ocean in Hyannis.   They're looking forward to the donuts that I'll be bringing home around 8am.

They, along w/ the Fravels, will sleep for @ least another 150 minutes.  I'll have run about 10 miles before they pore they're morning coffee and orange juice.  I'll run two more while they're dividing up the morning paper. I'll have burned 1500 calories before walking in the front door with 2000 calories worth of donuts for everyone.

I'll feel great all day, and eat relatively guilt-free. 

"Yes please, I will have another helping of dessert." will most definitely be something I say this afternoon.

I know how fantastic I will feel from 8am through bedtime tonight (probably @ 8pm), so why would I rather still be in bed right now w/ the blanket pulled up under my chin?

I definitely understand why people are questioning my sanity this morning.