I found out this morning that I have a number for the Falmouth Road Race.

Accepted Fravels in the Falmouth Road Race

The race will be on Sunday, August 13, and if I make it to the finish line it will be my fourth FRR. I have yet to break 60:00 in this race. I've either been out of shape, new to running (and therefore just happy to finish) or stuck in a crowd and unable to break free. Last year was the most frustrating. I was in decent shape – I should have been able to run the 7 mile course in 56:00 or less, but I was stuck in an early crowd and then succumbed to the heat and humidity, finishing in 60:32.

For this year, I'm thinking about scrapping the idea of racing it, and actually running the course twice – from the finish line to the start in the early AM, and then lining up in my coral for the 10am official race start. This will serve two purposes – allow me to get in my mileage for the marathon, and mitigate any frustration I might have if I don't break 60:00. We'll see ..