Rick, Keith and I capped off the week w/ a 10.75 miler through Cotuit. We met Sunday morning @ Stop & Shop and I took them on a course that had waaaayyy more hills than I remember.  I made the mistake of announcing 6 miles into it that we had just climbed our last hill.  Unfortunately, I was about 6 hills too soon.  I don't think we went more than a mile w/out @ least one decent sized hill.  

Amazingly, we finished the course in 1:28:30 … an 8:13 pace – that's about 20 seconds faster than I would have done it by myself.  We also ran the entire time – no stops for site-seeing along Loop Beach.  

As for the rest of the week:

Total miles:  40.8
Total time run:  5:39:40
Avg pace:  8:19

Things to do better next week:
- diet
- no more eating after 8pm