The Forest Mushroom soup was a mistake .. a painful mistake. It was about 2:30pm and I was starving. I'd just finished a 2-hour planning meeting for the corporate website and needed some food.

"Marketing Bill" and I took a drive to Panera Bread in Hyannis. Nothing looked appealing to me, but I made the decision to go w/ soup. After looking over the options I knew that Broccoli Cheddar would be bad. The French Onion would have consequences, too. I'm not a big fan of the Chicken noodle soup so that left Forest Mushroom.

Since it wasn't even 3pm yet I thought that any chances of cramping would be gone before the planned 6pm run. I was wrong … painfully wrong.

Fast forward to 6:00pm – we were 1/4 mile into our 5-mile warmup and I knew that it would be a miserable night.

At the one-mile point, I was rubbing my left side, praying for relief wondering if we could slow the pace down to more of a shuffle, but not wanting to look like a wuss.

At two miles, I saw a friend from a previous job and used that as an excuse to stop and say Hi! At three miles I felt like I could actually talk again. From 3.5 –> 4.5 miles I was a symphony of burps as the bubble was finally breaking up. We made it back to the track in about 38 minutes (technically, the run was closer to 4.75 miles).

At the track, Rick and I hung around waiting for the rest of the Wednesday night crew to return. I was still rubbing my left side, but the pain wasn't as bad as when we first started. Mentally, I was prepared to take the next 18 minutes of speedwork nice and slow. No shame in running 8:00-9:00 pace. Thankfully, Patty would be there and I could run w/ her.

As the other runners strolled onto to the track, I noticed that Patty wasn't among them. She decided to take the night off. Damn! OK … new plan – I'll run my usual pace for the first 2:00 and see how I feel.

The next 18 minutes were a portrait of consistency and pain. We ran 2,3,4,4,3,2. My quarter times looked like this (total time: quarter splits):

  • 2:00: 1:43 (not bad, didn't feel like puking)
  • 3:00: 1:42 (hmmm … feeling a little better)
  • 4:00: 1:43, 1:42 (god, just get me to the next lightpole)
  • 4:00: 1:42, 1:41 (I hate you Paul. I burped the star spangled banner during the 2nd quarter)
  • 3:00: 1:42 (I want to puke. Can I just lay down here and nap. ugh … is that a piece of mushroom in the back of my throat?)
  • 2:00: 1:38 (who's bright idea was it to go out @ :70 pace?? )

Lessons learned: I need a better diet. I should be able to run :95 quarters.