Just read our planned workout for tomorow night … a few of us are planning to run 5 miles before through Hyannis as a warmup.

Wednesday – 5/24 – Workout | Hyannis Road Runners
Running & Racing – 6:30PM:
15-20 easy warm-up around the high school grounds – take it easy – let pace gently build – return to track.

Then – on track – we'll do repetitions of 2,3,4,4,3,2 minutes w/60-90 seconds recovery/regrouping periods. We recommend you run the first half of the workout at a pace you might run a 30-40 minute race and the second half of the workout at pace equivalent to what you might run for a 20 minute race. Feel free to run the last repetition or two slightly faster. If you've been hurt, sick or your training has been sporadic for any reason – run much slower than the suggested paces. Also, if you are racing this weekend or you raced last weekend, consider cutting back on the intensity of the workout.